Here are some of the questions I’ve been asked a lot.
If you miss one feel free to drop me a line and I’ll reach out to you within 24 hours.

General Questions

I offer you a luxury portrait photoshooting experience. My style is contemporary, glamourous and artsy. It is up to you how much you would like to show of yourself. I feel comfortable in kind of magazin styled shoots; maternity; mother & child(ren) and boudoir. 

My photoshoot experiences are for every woman, at every age, at every ethnic, of every figure who likes to feel beautiful, empowered and amazing again. You don’t need to have experience as I will guide you through everything. 

Yes and no. I love to photograph you and your child(ren) in a more glamourous style. But as I know how important families are for women I also have an opportunity for the whole family. See HERE for more details.

If you are looking for a typical baby or wedding photographer I can recommend you to someone else.

Yes, sometimes it happens that also men book this amazing experience.

According to the package and the products you will choose. Some of my clients spend $ 750 and some of my clients spend $ 3000. There is no hard sell. You only buy what you love! (But I think you will love all your pictures 😉 ) 

See my packages HERE

Yes I offer three packages to choose from. You can always upgrade your packages. There is also an opportunity for a la carte products at your photo reveal appointment. 

See my packages HERE

See the a la carte pricelist HERE

Yes. You have to choose and prepay your package before your booking. The „Starter“ is a great package if you are not sure about how much you will spend yet. You can always upgrade your package after the photoshooting during the photo reveal appointment if you want. There is also an opportunity for a la carte products at your photo reveal. You only buy what you love!

See my packages HERE

See the a la carte pricelist HERE

If you need your pictures for a special purpose I recommend to book at least 4 to 6 month in advance. 

If you would like to have a maternity photoshooting than the best time for you to have your photoshooting is 6 to 10 weeks before your due date. Then your belly looks the best.

After 2 – 3 weeks of your photoshooting we will see us again to your photo viewing appointment. Then you will see all your finished images and you can choose which and how you will take them home. 

See the whole process HERE

No. The copyright still belongs to the photographer. But you can share your images without any restrictions.

YES of course you can and you should! Be proud of it! Show how beautiful you are!

I dont publish anything you don’t like to be published. Its up to you to give me the permission to do it. But I would really appreciate it if you give me the permission to do so. 

As we moved to Canada in April 2022 my french is not that good by now. I understand quite a bit but I can’t have a conversation in french. I will attend some french classes soon. If you only speak french and you feel comfortable enough to try it out I am all in. 

About the photoshooting

I offer in studio or outdoor shootings. Both of it takes place in LA PRAIRIE, Québec – a nice little town just 30 minutes away from Montréal.

All my shootings are 2 hours long. If you booked with hair and make up than there comes 1 hour on top. 

YES. If you book the „Ultimate Experience“ than hair and make up is already inclusive. For the two other packages you can book hair and make up in addition for $250 per person. I highly recommend to book hair and make up or have your hair and make up done in your favorite salon that day. It makes you feel more comfortable.

Once your booking is completed I will send you everything you need to know and how to prepare for your shoot. I will assist you through the entire process, help you with your wardrobe and will share some tips with you.

We will go deep in this after your booking. Your photoshooting will be personalized just for you.

YES. I have some nice wardrobe here that I can offer to you. Once we will prepare your photoshooting experience we can go deeper in this.

I am not the prop-shooter. I like to image you natural, artsy and contemporary. Props tend to shift the focus away from you. 

YES, absolutly. I highly recommend that you are part of the planning.  I want it to be an amazing experience for you. I want to create images that you are proud of. I can’t do this without you!

I don’t recommend this.This experience should be just for you. Sometimes we tend to be not ourselves if someone is around. But I really like to picture YOU as you are.

If there is bad weather like a lot of rain, a tremendous amount of snow or something like this we can turn our shooting into the studio. If you still really want to have the outdoor experience we can also reschedule it to another date not too far. 

We all know that something can happen unexpected. 

If you really need to reschedule than reach out to me at least 48 hours before the shoot and we can find another spot for you not too far away.


Less is more. I like and I support this philosophy. I remove everything that is temporary (like acne) or doesn`t belong there (like backdrop stands). I will correct color tones, choose the right composition, straighten some flying hairs or enhance some details. If you want I can soften things that you don’t like to see (like stretchmarks or veins). But: Its important that the person in this image is still you. 

We will go through this in our communication. 

YES. At the Photo-Reveal you can choose what kind of picture do you want. If you select „The Ultimate Experience“ there are all the belonging black and whithe images included.

No, I am sorry. I just offer the finished products to make sure you get my style. And it is part of the whole experience.


There are some really beautiful products I offer. I have some albums to choose from, there is kind of journal with loose mats and I offer some wall art.

See the a la carte pricelist HERE

Definitiv an album. Its the best way to have your images all together. I offer some really great handmade albums. Also wall art is popular. 

No, not for the luxury experience. It is part of my philosophy to make sure that you will get the best products in the best quality. It’s also part of my philosophy to give you the best customer experience. This includes also to make sure that your images doesn’t get into the wrong hands. My photo lab is a secure place where all images are handled with discretion. 

It is different for the „AFTERNOON WALK“ (see HERE) which is a photoshooting experience for the whole family. There you will get 50 images of your photoshooting in a great album and the printable digitals on top. Because it is more lifestyle and you may need more than a picture to give away for all members. BUT I also will recommend you a secure photo lab for printing as I still don’t want your images to get in wrong hands.

With every purchased product you will get the corresponding web resolution digital. There is an option in the „Starter“-package for 10 digitals (web resolution).

See more HERE

I am sorry, I don’t give away raw files. 

I will store your collection until three months after your photoshoot. During this time you can order as many prints as you want. You need more time? Sure we can talk about this.

YES of course. You can upgrade your package at anytime. 

YES. I recommend picking up your products by yourself. Thats also a good time to have a little chat. But if you like I can ship your products.

It depends on the season. Mostly 4 – 6 weeks after the order.

you have more questions?

Feel free to ask everything. I will reach out to you within 24 hours.